Tips for Keeping your Coupons Organized


Tips for Keeping your Coupons Organized

Just like in business or in school, organization is key to helping us function efficiently and effectively. It is no different for the frugal shopper.

To save while shopping, you need to know where to find coupons and the latest deals, when the coupons and deals expire, and have a system to keep your coupons organized.

The Internet is loaded with coupon bloggers and sites such as that offer advice and tips to save with coupons and how best to organize coupons.

Some of the more popular methods to keeping your coupons organized include:

  • Using an accordion folder with dividers: These types of products are available at many office supplies stores and 99 cents stores. Simply label each dividing tab with a popular category you often shop for. An example of label categories may include food, baby care, health aids, beauty aids and clothing. There is no specific rule on what dividing tabs should be labeled, you simply have to work out a system that suits your shopping habits.
  • Using a binder with clear pocket holders: You can follow the same approach as above to keep you coupons organized by dividing sections within your binder to hold particular coupons. Some people prefer this method over the one above because you don’t have to run your fingers through the dividing section to find the coupon you need, instead, you get a clear view of what coupons you have with the visible clear pockets.

Once you have a system in place to keep you coupons organized, all that is left to do is to keep a watchful eye on new coupons and deals you can add to you coupon organizer. It is also important to take time to clear out old coupons you no longer need or that have expired. Set your schedule to clean up your coupon organizer on a monthly basis or more frequently so that you can perform your best when shopping and saving!


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